Basically, pets play an essential role in human lives. Kids love dogs, which make an ideal addition to your family. Dogs are cuddy and friendly, so children love them. Did you know that a canine companion can genuinely help the kid’s psychological and physical development?

Benefit of Dog in Your Kids Life

Steady friendship – Childhood phase is not always easy, but with a dog your kid can easily overcome up and down. They are great source that supply kids comfort, even when they are experiencing challenging life lessons.

In situations, when the kid feels angry, afraid, or sad, he/she turns to the dog. Some even speak to them like friends. Cuddling, petting and sharing with their pet makes them feel relieved from the stress and relax.

Vibrant lifestyle – Dog care encourages more active lifestyle. Studies have reported that kids with canine companion exercise a lot. Dogs need regular walk or playtime. The puppy eyes motivate the child, even when they feel tired or fatigued.

Hone learning skills – There are several children, who find it difficult to read. Educators are well aware that using animal therapy for developing challenged kids learning skills can be helpful. The kid can benefit from the nonjudgmental companion with paws.  They get stress free and do not struggle to read to their dog and even ask questions.

Responsibility training – Dog as companion is a good way to teach kids responsibilities. Parenting skills are planted in your child through pets. Parents need to ensure that the responsibility allocated must be appropriate to their age like –

  • A three year old kid can help out to fill the food bowls
  • A five year child can participate in basic grooming tasks as well as the dog’s living area
  • When the kid reaches mid-elementary school allow them to take the dog for a dog independently
  • On the approach of teen years, the child would be capable to handle bulk of house pet responsibilities

Caring for the dog makes them learn compassion and empathy. By taking good care of their dog-owning responsibilities the kids can develop high level of self-respect.

Less doctor visits – Babies raised with a dog hardly get sick and this means few visits to the doctor’s clinic. Experts suggest that exposure to microbes that pets bring from outdoors enhances the immunity system in kids developing. Studies also reported that kids growing with dogs are less prone to allergies.

Strengthens family bonding – Dogs are considered as a family and can help families grow closer and stronger. Families share dog activities like grooming, feeding, playing, and walking. Research has proved that families with a dog spend more time having friendly conversation, which is vital for family harmony.

Make kids happy – Interaction with a pet raises dopamine and serotonin level, which are good hormones that sources positive feelings. Playing with their dogs brightens the kid’s day.

Build great memories – Kids get an opportunity to build awesome memories with an adorable canine friend.

  • During walk, pets allow you to walk through water puddles and splash.
  • You do not have to dive alone in a pile of dry leaves.
  • To have partner in crime and share special child moments
  • Feeling loved unconditionally is just priceless

Social development – Children approach and communicate easily with a kid playing with a pet. Thus, a less social kid can get encouraged to interact with other potential playmates. Basically, animals accept you, as you are and they act as a catalyst. You get to learn that there is a world outside besides you and your needs. Thus, dogs give kids practice to build social relationship.

Now, you can understand how a dog can enrich your kid’s life in many ways. A family dog is the best present to give your kids.