Home Remedies have existed since the beginning of time and have passed down the ages. Though a lot of people believe that they are complete waste of time in comparison to today’s advanced clinical treatments there are many others who simply live by them. Home remedies if properly done can prevent and cure many serious health conditions one of them being Warts.

Warts are small benign growths on the skin’s surface. Warts are unwanted because they are not just unsightly but can also cause embarrassment. Home remedies are an effective low cost way of getting warts removed and you will find several of them online. As you read on you will find out about many popular home remedies that are effective in treating warts.

Duct tape is perhaps the most popular home remedy used for the removal of warts. Research has proven that Duct tape therapy can help you to get rid of warts effectively. Apply duct tape to your warts. Keep the warts covered for about a week. Then remove the tape, soak your wart in water and scrub it off with the help of a pumice stone. Repeat the procedure again for one to two weeks if your wart does not come off. You can also remove warts with Wartrol. Wartrol is a very popular wart remover which can be easily ordered online and used at home. You can buy Wartrol online to remove warts without any side effects.

duct tape for warts

Aloe is also an effective remedy for curing warts. Soak cotton ball in aloe gel for about a minute and then apply to your wart. Reapply aloe to your wart every few hours. If you keep the cotton ball as it is and secure it with a plaster your wart should come off within a within a few days or weeks.

Castor oil is also a wonderful natural remedy for warts. Apply castor oil to your warts and massage the area with fingertips. Continue this treatment for a couple of weeks and your warts should vanish in no time. You may also apply castor oil directly onto your wart twice and cover it with a bandage. Keep it like that for 3 weeks and your warts should disappear. You can also try using tea tree oil that works wonders.

Aspirin contains salicylic acid which is a remedy for warts. Crunch up a few aspirins and make a paste adding few drops of water. Apply the same paste on to your wart and leave overnight. Aspirin is much cheaper than other commercial lotions hence you can use it.

Vitamin E is also an effective cure for your warts. Break a Vitamin E capsule and rub the liquid onto your wart and cover with a bandage. Remove the bandage at night and allow skin to breathe. Apply the oil in the morning. Repeat the procedure 3 times a day.

There a number of home remedies you will find online and in home remedy books. Some of them includes aspirin, chalk, dandelion, baking soda, bananas, lemon juice, papaya and milkweed. But whichever home remedy you are choosing one thing you need to consider is whether you are allergic to the ingredient. If you find you are allergic to a particular ingredient you should use another ingredient that is suitable for you.

You must keep in mind – not all home remedies are meant for everyone. Home remedies may take a long time to show results and the results are not guaranteed.  But with so many different home remedies available you will certainly find one successful for you.