According to doctors, loneliness is not good for people suffering from psychological or cardiovascular issues. For decades, studies linking to pet ownership for a better mental and physical health have been cropping up. However, the studies do not offer conclusive proof. Experts from AHA (American Heart Association) weighed the evidence and gave a verdict that dog owners live longer than cat owners. There are many theories, why dogs allow you to make healthy changes in your lifestyle.


How dogs enhance your lifestyle?

Eliminates depression – Loneliness and isolation causes mental disorders. Bonding with and caring for a live canine makes you feel wanted and needed. This diverts your mind away from issues. You can talk with them about your trouble and feel free. A wagging dog waiting for you, when you reach home from work gives your life some meaning. You attain positive mental energy. Thus having a dog around can raise your dopamine and serotonin levels.

Brings joy in life – Retired person can possibly lose aim in life but a canine companion can bring joy to their life. Caring for them boost their optimism and morale. An old dog adopted from a shelter doubles the sense of accomplishment because you took steps to bring home a pet that had been euthanized.

Increases exercise – There is no need to visit the gym for a boring repetitive workout routine. A walk or chase or playing with the dog daily is a fun way to stay healthy. A constant walk daily with canine companion has helps owners to decrease the risk of heart issues.

Arranges daily routine – Dogs need regular exercise and feeding schedule. Even if you are in a stressed or depressed mood, you will mandatorily get up from the bed to care, feed, and exercise the pet.

Easy social interaction – People talk to dog owners impulsively, when you go for a walk at the Public Park. Dog topic is a good icebreaker to start a conversation. Interest in pets allows people to interact easily in social situation. In addition, you can overcome social awkwardness issues.

Boosts vitality – As you grow elder, there are several physical challenges that need to be overcome. Your pet dog can encourage these including exercise, laughter, and playfulness. This helps to perk up the immune system and enhance energy.

Overcome sensory issues – Kids with autism have sensory issues, which make it difficult for them to interact. Dog has ability to offer nonjudgmental and unconditional love & companionship to these kids. However, the family having a kid with autism must involve the child in dog choosing process.

In these ways, dogs keep your lifestyle balanced and healthy.