Whenever you go for a vacation, it is not necessary that your children also accompany you. These days, people take their cats and dogs also while going for their vacation. If you are travelling by air or road along with your pets then you must remember few things so that your trip can be as smooth as possible.

Road trip with your pet

Before going for any long trip you must do a trial run with short trip. Take your pet in your car and check how the pet responds while travelling. Does he become too anxious or car sick?

As per the statistics available, about 30,000 accidents occur each year because of unrestrained dog sitting in the front seat. If pets continuously stare at the surrounding while the car is moving then driver may get distracted. Therefore, there is every chance that he may get injured during accident. Therefore, you need to restrain your pet by keeping him within pet barrier or seat belt.

It is better to keep head and paw inside the car. Dogs usually like to keep its head outside of window. However, that is very risky as it can damage his ear or may get lung infection too.

Some of the precautions are as mentioned below:

  • Be proactive – Put tag on the collar of your pet with address and tel. no of the place where you are going to stay during your vacation. You may also put his medical report too for emergency.
  • Stop every 2 hours – As per the opinion of vets the pets need to go to bathroom or some exercise after every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Hydrate – You must carry sufficient quantity of water along with you so that your pet remains sufficiently hydrated during the trip.
  • Never leave them alone – There can be substantial difference in temperature between inside the car and outside. In case you have to visit some place where pets are not allowed then leave them at some pet friendly hotel instead of leaving inside the car.
  • Check out this video below for additional info

Flying with the pet

In case, you want to travel by air, then check whether your pet is fit for flying or not? If your pet is too young or old or not keeping well then it is better to leave him at home. Some of the breeds of dogs are not allowed in the cargo as they often develop breathing problems.

Before you decide to take your pet in the flight you must do the following

  • Do your research – Before taking your pet in flight you must do little research whether the airlines allow pets along with checked luggage. You must find out about their history of flying pets. There are plenty of cases of injured, lost or dying is rising in recent years.
  • Consider the airline which carries pets – The airways that carry pets offer climate controlled cabins with individual crates. They also have separate flight attendant who will check the animal after certain fixed regular intervals. When the aircraft lands, the pets are given bathroom break and their owner can pick them up at the lounge provided for the pet by the airline.
  • Pet papers – In case, you are travelling to different country then the pet must take necessary vaccination required for the travel. You must have all the necessary papers with authenticated records.
  • Make a carrier – You must buy a kennel, which has sufficient space available so that your pet can easily turn around and stand without hitting his head. If he is travelling for the first time then give him some time to get used to the carrier.
  • ID tags – Keep your address and contact number in the pet’s collar and in carrier.
  • Exercise – Before taking off play with your pet so that he gets tired. Then he will sleep during the flight.
  • Relax – You must apply certain scent on the pet, so that he can relax during the flight.

Other tips

  • You must consult your vet before taking your pet for the trip.
  • Keep some familiar toy and blanket with your pet so that he feels more comfortable
  • You must book pet friendly hotels at your destination.